The BIOSCAN-SWA analyses with scalar waves within only 90 seconds over 200 values of the human body. This way you can detect deficiency states, toxins or states of organs without taking blood.

Review including a consultation CHF 120
Transformation review after 2-3 months CHF 50

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What the BIOSCAN-SWA does
Instead of taking blood and analysing it in a laboratory, the BIOSCAN makes a spectral analysis by using scalar waves
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Why the BIOSCAN-SWA was invented
The BIOSCAN was invented by Russian scientists to measure the health status of their cosmonauts in the MIR space station.
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Why a consultation
To get the best possible benefit of a BIOSCAN analysis there is a purposive method necessary. For combat the detected
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Target groups of BIOSCAN-SWA
Athletes People in rehabilitation People while or after a disease or an accident Women before and during a pregnancy Pensioners
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He, who does not wish to invest everyday into his health, will one day have to sacrifice a lot of time for disease.

Sebastian Kneipp


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