What the BIOSCAN-SWA does

Instead of taking blood and analysing it in a laboratory, the BIOSCAN makes a spectral analysis by using scalar waves and delivers the result immediately in the evaluation. The BIOSCAN-SWA delivers about 200 parameters divided in 32 different sectors. Without pain and non-invasive. The human body contains a huge number of different cells, which are […]

Why the BIOSCAN-SWA was invented

The BIOSCAN was invented by Russian scientists to measure the health status of their cosmonauts in the MIR space station. At the same time the device was used to prepare top athletes for their competitions. Through the corporation with the United States of America at the ISS space station the technique and the software has […]

Why a consultation

To get the best possible benefit of a BIOSCAN analysis there is a purposive method necessary. For combat the detected deficiency states efficient, there is the challenge to build a secure base for your health. Before that, your body is probably not in a situation to absorb the recommended, natural food supplements.

Target groups of BIOSCAN-SWA

Athletes People in rehabilitation People while or after a disease or an accident Women before and during a pregnancy Pensioners