Anita Kiefer

Anita Kiefer finished in the 80s an education in massage and reflexology therapy and got enthusiastic about human body and health. In her clinic in Kaiseraugst she could be realized in that and made some further education as a mineral- and bach flower therapist.

In the 90s Anita Kiefer acquired accompanying a diplom in a astrological-psychological education as well as in meditation, in India.

After many years of experience with people, Anita Kiefer is convinced, that only love and nature can contribute to our health. According to the motto: «Medicus curat, natura sanat», a doctor administers the cure; nature does the healing. Anita Kiefer is responsible for the BIOSCAN SWA analysis as well as for the consultation.

Fredy Haltiner

Fredy Haltiner made a commercial education in the food industry. In a second education he studied business management in Basel with focus on marketing, communication and sale. Fredy Haltiner was self-employed for over 20 years in business consulting with focus on business analysis, organisation, communication and team building.

In a further education he also got his skills in cadre leadership and got a certificate as a master-trainer in neuro linguistic programming (expertise in psychologic motivation and accompanying people in difficult situations). At Scheelen-Institute for management consulting in Waldshut he acquired additionally skills in diagnostic of leadership-check, career-check and motivation analysis.

Finally, after the NASA has released the BIOSCAN to the free market, Fredy Haltiner got introduced into using the machine and got a commercial licence for it. In the company Care For Life he’s responsible for organisation and the technical operation of the BIOSCAN SWA-system.